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Hi, I'm Katherin. I have 9 years of marketing experience under my belt, with a focus on Content & Digital Marketing. I've worked in agencies, DRTV, Health Techs and Fintechs - so I know a thing or two about Marketing.


If you want to know more about my professional expertise, visit my website

In my spare time (ha!), I love writing and researching about female health companies; it's such an important topic that often doesn't get the attention it deserves. Plus, I firmly believe in the power of information when it comes to making informed decisions about our health. When it comes to the spread of information regarding female health, It's not just our right—it's our responsibility.


A story about Jane...


Jane had been feeling off for a while. It started with small things like headaches and fatigue, but over time it seemed to get worse and more pronounced. She visited her doctor multiple times, trying to explain the pain she was experiencing. But each visit just felt like a dead end - none of the tests they ran could pinpoint what was causing her discomfort or provide any real relief. The doctors told her it must be stress, that she was exaggerating the symptoms, and sent her on her way without providing any real answers or solutions. 


Feeling frustrated and helpless, Jane wanted desperately to find out what was going on in her body so she could start feeling better again. So when one day at work she heard one of her coworkers talking about Femtech Companies devoted to researching female health issues– something inside Jane lit up with hope that maybe finally there were people who understood what she was going through. 


That night after work, Jane decided to take matters into her own hands by doing some research online about Femtechs herself. To everyone’s surprise (including hers!), within minutes of searching around Jane stumbled across an entire community dedicated to helping women understand their bodies better - a place where thousands of women shared stories about their experiences and helped each other feel empowered instead of alone in their struggles with chronic illnesses often misunderstood by traditional medicine practitioners. 


It made perfect sense now! All these years no one had been able to explain why Jane suffered from all sorts of aches when really all along it hadn't been “all in my head” as doctors said before; it simply had not yet been widely researched enough for them to know how best diagnose or treat this kind of pain . 


The new found knowledge gave Jane confidence – now there were tangible steps that could be taken towards understanding female bodies better than ever before! She couldn't wait to tell others about it so together they too can learn how best to take care of themselves moving forward! With newfound energy, fueled by excitement for the future possibilities made available, Jane decided to write about it in this blog. Jane is me, Jane is all of us. 

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