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Jane read Period Power by Maisie Hill

Jane had been struggling with the worst menstrual pain some could never imagine. Every month felt like a battle that she was destined to lose, and no matter what she tried, nothing seemed to make any difference. She felt helpless in her own body, felt ashamed and without control.

That is until Jane discovered Period Power with Maisie Hill. The book promised an understanding of how hormones worked within her body, and how they might be able to help alleviate her pain. It sounded too good to be true, but nonetheless Jane found herself drawn in by Maisie's story and the promise of hope it held for her future.

So Jane decided to give it a try - what did she have to lose? She loved all of Maisie's advice - from dietary changes for better hormone balance, supplements for support, learning about which movement practices would best suit her needs at certain times during the all made perfect sense!

Jane discovered that hormones aren't just limited to dictating their uterus's behaviour – they impact all of us humans in various ways. They affect our moods, energy levels, sleep habits and cravings alike! She learnt further still how the highs and lows associated with menstruation is precisely because its related hormone fluctuation makes such radical modifications possible.

Jane had kept track of her menstrual cycle before, but never really understood 100% the changes in her hormones. When she read about the ebb and flow of estrogen and progesterone through the monthly cycle, it opened up an entirely new world for her. She read that these two hormones were at work throughout every season of her life: menstruation was like winter, when she felt inwardly focused, quiet, and often tired; after menstruation came spring—a time filled with playfulness and possibilities; summertime brought energy as ovulation kicked in; finally fall set in before another period arrived—a reminder to slow down before starting all over again.

The Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle


She had a lot of revelations while discovering the mysterious power behind her menstrual cycle. She knew that it was more than just having to deal with all the blood down there; she learned that winter, or day one of your period also signifies death and rebirth - huh! Low hormone levels can leave you feeling emotionally fragile but here's something remarkable- her body produces natural pain relievers like oxytocin and endorphins which gives off amazing 'menstrual tripping' vibes – this is real folks!


After a phase of rest and rejuvenation, comes the time for laughter and adventure! She can now get ready to feel her batteries completely recharged - the ovaries are hard at work selecting the perfect egg while estradiol levels shoot up in anticipation. With these newfound energies you can take charge with renewed positivity and motivation – it's playtime!


She read that around ovulation is when you feel perkier, like summertime - and it's not just because of the sunshine. Turns out that this season is when her body experiences a surge in estradiol, testosterone (yes ladies; you do need some too!) and other hormones which can lead to higher energy levels during ovulation time!


Then finally, it's that time of the month again. For many, this means a sudden plummet in hormones - and an unwelcome dip into full-on gloominess! From aches to anxiousness; it's like our bodies are telling us "slow down!", whether we're ready or not. But hey at least there’s 150+ PMS symptoms to pick from – so your suffering shouldn't get too boring right?

As Jane learned more about hormone balance within the menstrual cycle she began exploring ways to take charge of her hormonal health. From diet adjustments to lifestyle choices such as yoga or meditation, she found herself empowered by being able to anticipate what each season might bring rather than waiting for them to come upon her unawares. Additionally, the book also talks about the transitions from puberty into menopause and how they present unique opportunities for learning how best to manage those stages with ongoing care for hormone balance during each season of change.

By tracking both physical signs and emotional shifts associated with each phase in the hormonal cycle Jane discovered ways not only cope - but thrive - on a daily basis by staying mindful of what kind of self-care would be most beneficial during any given moment along this ever-evolving journey towards true self discovery! She learned to accept herself, to stop self shaming for feeling pain, lack of energy or for having brain fog. She now understood that feeling the way she has been is completely normal, happens to everyone who menstruates and can be better managed.

Nowadays Jane feels more connected than ever with herself and everyone else who menstruates, thanks to Period Power with Maisie Hill she has unlocked an entirely new world full of possibilities just waiting inside of her very own hormones!



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